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acura 2015acura 2015tl 2015tlx concept car auto detroit

acura 2015acura 2015tl 2015tlx concept car auto detroit

 This is the concept version of the next Acura TSX. Which is the next TL.
Instead of a new design, we get what looks like a larger version of the ILX. Itself already a boring car.

acura 2015acura 2015tl 2015tlx concept car auto detroit

acura 2015acura 2015tl 2015tlx concept car auto detroit

The top one is the TLX. Basically the exact same lines as the ILX, stretched out.

I know most car makers are doing this. The different size sausage approach to car design.
But this is really pushing it.
They took a really uninspired, boring design and just made it bigger.

So now, ALL Acura models look pretty horrible and invisible…
Good luck….

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  1. 8 speed automatic for the 4 cylinder and a 9 speed for the V6. The rear styling is ok but the front is beaking ridiculous. Acura obviously isn't giving up on the bird-snout. Yeah, yeah, it's supposed to be a "shield". They need to get over themselves and admit that you can't peck your way to success with that grille!

  2. I disagree Vince, this one is a great sigh of relief for all the Acura fans out there like me, A lot was riding on this model and they delivered. The ILX lines on this look just right, and hopefully the production model will not be too toned down from this.

  3. I actually do like Acura cars. And think the 1st 2 generations of the TL looked really good. And still do.
    On top of being really good cars.

    But copying the ILX design doesn't make a TL. At least for me.

  4. How Acura can "Fix" the problem with their image.

    Maybe re-imagine the look of the 2007 MDX grill for that "Shield Grill" look across all products.
    Don't understand why Acura dropped it since it was unique and had presence. Now it just loos like a bottle opener.

    The stock rims just don't cut it if compared to Lexus and Infinity.
    Acura "Tier 1" standard base size rims should start at 20 inch and preferably Vossen.

    Maybe Acura could sell just a little more cars. Eh, Vince?

  5. The problem with this TLX is that what we see here is very expected. The other problem is that Acura always dulls-down its cars til they're as exciting as dirt to look at. It appears they did correct some of the design flaws from the ILX: 1) the door handles are raised above the descending fender line. In the ILX they're too low and look childishly cockeyed and econobox. 2) modified the very nice ILX rear but made it appear more substantial. and 3) Big rims. Since we KNOW they wont keep the front and rear lower bumper treatments, lets hope the nice things at least stay in place. Geez, you'd think you wouldn't even have to say shit like this to Acura designers. Editing and taste have always eluded them. Buncha Eff -ups!

  6. This was extremely predictable, but I hope they make it look exactly like this. It's 2014….there is no reason to tone anything down in this design. The rear of the ILX is the worst. instead of sticking to the concept, they added a Corolla bumper instead. I hope the same doesn't happen here.


  7. why would I buy this (or even the ILX)instead of an Accord??? Just for the prestige of the Acura name…I don't think so!

  8. I just drove home and saw an RLX pass me. I know, it doesn't happen a lot. But my thought was that the RLX really isn't a big car. How the heck is this TLX NOT going to be about the same size? I thought the point of the TL-TSX combination was to make a clear hierarchy – and that include sizewise. Acura may have just shot themselves in the foot again. If that turns out to be true… people need to be fired. They've had more chances than any brand.

  9. I like this makeover OK. Rear 'lower grille' with glossy frame is nice feature. Over all, design coheres and has subtle presence. Good recovery from strangely proportioned predecessor.

    Beak-wise, pointy sharpness seems to have migrated down from grille bar to chin spoiler area below: 'chin fins?'– and that lower framed air intake theme is nicely echoed in rear.

    Conveys a bit of brawn in presence whereas ILX looks timid; RLX overweight and less agile.

  10. It appears as though Acura's middle child sedan will be the looker of the bunch. The ILX's awkward lines actually look appropriate and balanced on the TLX's larger canvass. The exterior design of the TLX also looks more interesting than the hopelessly bland RLX sedan. Overall, the TLX will be the one sedan in Acura's lineup that will keep the brand alive.

  11. I'm waiting for THE OTHER SHOE to drop. With Acura, there's always another shoe to be dropped when the production version arrives. And its usually a boot to kick you in the axx with. Steady yourselves.

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