2015/16 Chevrolet Cruze

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This is obviously a Chinese version of the next Chevrolet Cruze.
But it also match perfectly every single spy shot I have seen of the next US Cruze.
So I would think they are the same car.

Not sure why this is not covered at all, and has all the logos on it. Kind of weird since the new Cruze hasn’t been announced yet.

Also, I have seen (and posted here) spy photos of a “China only” updated version of the current model. Which this is not.
So it looks like they would be selling both over there.

I must say I am a little disappointed by this new model. At least from these pictures.
It doesn’t seem better than the current one. Different, but not really better….
Or even remotely original.

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  1. Given that the Impala has been showered with praise and the Malibu has had mediocre reviews regarding styling, you would think GM would have made the car into a mini-Impala. Nope, no dice. It's gonna be recalled anyway….

  2. It's not disappointing, it's downright disgusting, IMO. If the US version comes with that nose, it will be the worst front end in all of America. Who in their right mind would approve junk like this?

  3. It may not be "original" (whatever that means) but it has the Chevy family design elements and, in my opinion, is better looking and more "cohesive" than the current one.

  4. I know I'm supposed to rail on the design, because Chevy has been so bad at designing good looking cars for so many decades. But actually I think it looks pretty good. I've never been a fan of the current Cruze, particularly the frumpy dumpy rear end design. The changes are subtle, but this looks a lot more substantial, purposeful and modern than the current model.

  5. The rear is somewhat improved.

    The rest is disappointing.

    A wider Malibu-like grille with generic headlights and very bland sheet metal.

    Do I see an Impala sweep on the back fender?

    The upper grille does not liik like it fits with the headlights…

  6. Vince, Vince, VInce. The current Cruze, while not awful, is really a second-rate design. Some basic ideas are nice but the execution verges on third-world. This new version looks pretty derivative, yes. But it is light years ahead of the Crude. Let's be honest, shall we.

  7. Yucky. It's like a step back in time when GM didn't care about small cars. Wait… maybe they never did. In any event, this thing is an uninteresting hodge-podge of other cars… one part Focus, one part Civic… but with a needlessly busy interior. Hopefully the Impala sales make up for this regrettable design. Rental. Car. Special.

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