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The Ford Ecosport is finally due for a total redesign sometime next year when it will be based on the current new Fiesta. (The one we are not getting in the US)

I posted the spy shots of the next Ecosport next to the Activ version of the Fiesta.
You can tell they are related, but the Ecosport does seem to have its own design. Which already actually looks a bit sleeker than the Fiesta.

(Just like the new 2020 Ford Escape won’t just look like the new Euro Focus on stilts)The Ecosport might seem rather new to us, but the current generation actually came out in late 2012. So it is really due for a new design.
I have to say, the new one can only improve on the poor thing that is on sale now.

From what we have already seen of the next Escape, it looks like Ford’s new generation of small SUVs is very car like. (Except for the new more truck parallel line up that includes the Bronco and that “baby Bronco”)

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  1. It actually makes sense that the current EcoSport, Escape and Edge will morph into what are essentially tall-wagon crossover versions of the Fiesta, Focus and Fusion that will soon be phased out, and that new more overtly boxy Bronco-inspired SUVs of multiple sizes will pop up alongside them. What terrifies me is what might become of the next-generation Mustang.

  2. The basic shape, even covered, is much better than the current one. Ford's issues are not with design (usually) or content, they're with quality of production. They need to stop with the "crank them out and we'll fix them later" mentality. People wonder why Toyota, even with some questionable design choices, sells so many cars; it's because people know they will be driving them to work, not to the shop to be fixed.

  3. There is truth to Ford churning them out and fixing them later> However, this mentality is quite common within The US Manufacturing Mind.

    America is focused on the "Macro" while The Japanese are focused on the "Micro." Hence, there superior quality control and their longevity.

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