Next Ford F-150???

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These are pretty mysterious pictures of a future pick up truck.
One that looks a lot like a Ford. 
Australian “WHEELS” magazine seems to think this could be the next Ranger.
But I don’t think so. Sure the current one has been on sale around the world for years, but US sales just started. And I don’t think Ford’s redesign for the mid-sized pickups is already ready.
On the other hand, the current F-150 is already about 4 years old.
GM and FCA all have newer trucks out now. Ford might feel the need to get the next generation out pretty soon.
Especially since they have already announced an all-electric version of it.
So, I would be this is the 2021 Ford F-150.
What do you think this is?

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  1. I'm going to go with Ranger. Given Ford's typical 10 year full replacement schedule, the next F150 will be a heavy refresh of the existing model, not all new, while the Ranger is near the end of it's 10 year lifecycle for this design (despite the US just getting it).

    The same thing is happening with the next EcoSport. We just got it last year, but it's been around since 2012? so you already see prototypes running around for the new one.

  2. This is definitely the next Ranger, even though the long in tooth model just came to the US. I give this current generation at least 2 years before this new model comes along.

  3. To the people saying Chevy, clearly you don’t know what the current F series grilles look like…

  4. Yeah, this is too small to be the next F150. Despite the Ranger just dropping here in North America, it is getting long in the tooth world-wide. I would imagine that this will be the 2021 Ranger world-wide and come to North America in 2022. You may also be looking at the front of the Bronco too, or a variation of it…

  5. Way too small to be a F150 (unfortunately). Its definitely a Ranger and Ford even admitted that an all-new ranger was only a couple of years out even though its only just came to the US.

  6. I think it is the new worldwide new Ranger model based on the Bronco platform. The U.S. Ranger is based on older last generation T6 Ranger global pickup. I doubt the Ford will update the U.S. Ranger to this new Ranger since it was just release!

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