All-new generation Infiniti QX60: New teaser.

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Later today, Infiniti will show us the all-new QX60 SUV. 
But, just like the Nissan Z or the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, it will be a ‘concept’ version of the real car. Called the QX60 Monograph (Which makes it sound a bit like a Range Rover)
So far it looks pretty good (from the small things we can see)
And very close to the real thing we saw earlier (HERE) So basically, this will be the production model with some concept trim added to it.
Really, an unnecessary step on the way to reveal the actual car.
It is also a bit strange they decided to reveal this before its even older cousin, the Nissan Pathfinder.
I guess, the model with the highest profit margin comes first.

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  1. This looks very promising so far, love the back.

    The QX60 is a very nice car, just very outdated on the technology and some convenience items.

    Looking forward to the reveal.

  2. Why reveal this first? Good question. Probably so that they can trick people into thinking it’s not just a luxed up Pathfinder. They did the same thing with the current one. Back then it was called the JX35 and it was unveiled as a brand new model first before they unveiled the (current) Pathfinder which it was based on. Then a few years later the name changed from JX35 to QX60. To this day I encounter people that have no idea the QX60 is really just a luxed up Pathfinder so the strategy seems to work on the general public.

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