New Honda SUV eConcept: looking great!

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What a glorious way for Honda to introduce a brand new design language. This looks great. Inside and out. Displaying a simplicity that has been badly lacking in the past few years.
As mentioned earlier, the new HR-V will be the first model to use this new design language. (it might be too late fo rhe enw Civic…) From the spy shots we have already seen, it even looks very close to this. It will basically look like a toned down for production, 4 door version of what we see here.
So far, this is great news for Honda.

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  1. This looks amazing, I love the fact that things are heating up in the BEV segment……I'm not a fan of Tesla products at all due to their inconsistent quality control but I appreciate the fact that they lit a fire under this segment

  2. Good that Honda stopped hitting their cars with the ugly stick.

    Looks a bit like the Cadillac Lyriq.

  3. I have it on very good authority that this is actually the EV GM is going to be building for Honda and is based on the Lyriq. You can really see it in the overall shape and especially where the charge port door is on the front fender…it's almost identical to what we saw on the Lyriq

  4. @3:23 PM, GM will actually build Honda's in their plants or will it just be a shared design being built separately?

    Doesn't Honda already have their own EV set up as seen in the E? Why this?

  5. it's nice but the exterior is very generic, my first reaction was "is that another Venza?" … the Honda Venza

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