2022 Honda Civic sedan: another illustration…

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 Again, I do not think this is an improvement over the current generation design.

And I am not sure the ‘small Accord’ look is the way to go. At the same time, I really think the hatchback version (HERE), while very similar, is actually much more attractive. 

The current Accord isn’t selling as well as Honda had hoped, and this could actually hurt it a bit. Since it looks so similar for thousands less.

More on the new Civic very soon…

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  1. This will not be the blockbuster hit that Honda needs right now. Very conservative and lazy design evolution.

  2. This rear 3/4 view looks much better than the profile, and I don't think Honda will ever have trouble selling a Civic, no matter what it looks like. Just like the Toyota Corolla, this is inevitable, like death and taxes. I agree with the hatch illustrations looking better than the sedan. Only time will tell if the production car will convey the same feeling. At least it doesn't share the Accord's "stapler," taillights.

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