2022 Ford Maverick: new illustration…

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Sure, this vaguely matches the spy shots we have seen of the new 2022 Ford maverick Compact pick-up.

But at the same time, it looks terrible. I think it mostly comes from the bed looking too low. 

And that very bland front end. This just looks super generic and unattractive. And cheap! The best part of this illustration is the real thing will probably look much better.  As it already does in these spy shots: 


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  1. With the Ranger in production, I am not really sure what the point is in the Maverick in the first place. At least they didn't call it the Mustang Maverick though.

  2. There's always going to be a base model. That model is always going to be a bit Blah in the looks dept. My local NAPA still has a couple of Chevy Sparks in the fleet. Fleet sales doesn't have to mean heavy-duty, just basic. I don't know if these will all be 4 doors or not, but don't discount some fleet sales.

  3. Most of the old Ranger customers I see just wanted a pickup truck to drive a pickup truck, because they can't see themself driving anything else. The cargo area is empty most of the time… So why not offer them the size of truck they liked, with a better fuel consumption as a bonus. And a front wheel drive pickup would not need for them to choosethe 4WD if it's only for driving in snow during winter…

  4. I know… So sorry about this. I have been getting help and trying to solve this. But it's a tough one to crack.
    (Apparently its a problem only in the US so far)

  5. People who need pickup trucks buy for their maximum capable need. People who will by this will just buy a pickup truck with a permanent bed cap…aka, SUV.

  6. It’s unibody so it makes sense for people wanting a light duty truck that don’t need a ton of towing or power. I think it’s a great idea. I could use a small Ute type truck for my business. I have no need for a giant fully capable massively powered truck. But we’ll see how it’s actually priced.

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