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We have seen the VW ID6 before (HERE) but these are new pictures showing the interior. Which. of course, looks like a bigger ID4. 
It is a busier interior than the ID4. With weird oversized vents on the side of the dash. And so far, this doesn’t look very upscale at all. The VW cost-cutting machine seems hard at work here, making sure all these new electric cars stay somewhat affordable…
More on the ID 6 very soon.

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  1. Interior is fine, functional but plain. VW BEV performance/range leaves something to be desired though.

  2. Nice looking vehicle, to bad is a VW. Unreliable and plagued with electrical issues all this years. They depreciate so fast too.
    VW cannot built a reliable vehicles for decades, why should I trust that this electric vehicle will be reliable?

    Thanks but no thanks, I'm gonna pass.

  3. i'm not gonna lie, at first glance without reading, I saw jeep backend and kia front end, from the very first picture (profile)

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