2022 Ford Ecosport: more plastic trim for the new year…

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Just when you thought there would be a new generation around the corner, the tiny Ford Ecosport is just getting ready for a “mid-cycle facelift”. (another one)
Which basically consists of adding tons of crappy-looking plastic trim upfront. 
Similar to the Chinese Focus, (HERE) but even worse.
Although it didn’t show up in the US until 2018, it has been around since 2012. 
Yes, that’s 10 years in a few months. I have never seen a really good review of this. But Ford still, somehow, managed to sell over 60 000 of these last year. Which is shockingly a bit more than the well-received Nissan Kicks. 
I guess Ford doesn’t see the point, yet, in spending cash on an all-new model.
This will probably end up being the Crown Victoria of small SUVs…


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  1. Who knew that it was possible to make the Ecosport worse?! This thing was meant for 3rd world countries, got some upgrades for its intro in Europe. some more upgrades for its intro here, but is still terrible. I guess against the Chevy Trax you could make the case, but against the Trailblazer and especially the Mazda CX30, who buys the Ecosport? The Kicks and the Venue are much cheaper – even if only front wheel drive, but still.

  2. This is NOT an improvement at all.

    I still think this is one of Ford's worst new product releases in over 20 years. Easily one of the top three worst new vehicles on sale right now.

  3. I’m a Ford guy but this Ecosport has got to go. I’d take just about anything else in this class. Chevy Trailblazer easily.

  4. I guess this could be Southern America only, they tend to keep small Fords around for way longer than the rest of the world, with way too mny facelifts for their own good, and very ugly facelifts as such; Brazilian Fiesta and Ka come to mind….

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