2022 Honda Civic Touring: test drive coming up…

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I will be driving a new 2022 Honda Civic Touring this week. After driving the Sport model with the 2.0 Liter engine, I am really curious about the new top-of-the-line Touring model with the 1.5 Liter Turbo.
(I drove the previous generation coupe with that engine before)

 So far, the CVT drone is still a big problem. Unless you drive the car very gently. Just like the previous generation, and the current base 2.0 Liter. The tires are also similar to the sport model, so the ride isn’t any smoother or quieter. Which is a bit disappointing on a more “luxurious” version.

But the 12 speaker Bose sound system is worthy of the Bose name (which is not always the case)

I will try to answer any questions you might have about the Civic Touring.

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  1. To be honest, Hondas 5AT also had terrible droning and whining in the low powered Civics of prior generations.

  2. The tail light looks like a Jetta which is fine and understated if unoriginal. The Civic's dash is handsome, tailored, tasteful and a lot better than it used to be when it was all odd, silly shapes arranged poorly. The exterior of last generation Civic was a horrible mess of fake intakes, awkward lines, poor proportions, and designed for juvenile tastes. It sullied a long-respected nameplate.

    I used to get excited about Hondas. Not so much now. Perfectly decent cars and SUVs that just don't excite me. Maybe they're on the way to a renaissance. I hope so. (But I also hope Americans will stop driving vehicles they like to call crossover or anything other than the mommy's grocery-getter station wagon they really are.)

  3. An aging population and floor height for cargo that is also the right heigh with a sharp lift makes your hopes a pipe dream. Also AWD in snow country with a "GOOD" set of All-seasons means not having to change over to dedicated winter tires.

  4. Fair point on the aging population and ride height. It is nice not to climb in and out of lower vehicles. I'm aging myself. 😉 Still wish younger people would go back to cars. All of that said, I really do like the return of the Civic to less trendy styling and back to looks that age well (back to the aging thing). Young people used to like that, too.

  5. Aging and ride height – I'm right there with you. It seems like around 2016, cars got lower trying to gain additional fuel efficiency and trying to differentiate themselves from SUVs. But in my opinion, it just drove more people TO SUVs. The much maligned 2012 Honda Civic did some things really well, by design. The seat height was lower, and the door openings were larger – and the rear seat was expansive. The beautiful 10th gen however, erased those design choices in favor or lower, smaller, and tighter. It would be great to see Honda use the Civic/CRV platform to create a taller tweener car that had hybrid AWD (and all the advantage of seating position) without turning it into an SUV.

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