2022 Ford Fusion/Mondeo: official sketchs…

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Yes, this is the car we have seen HERE before. And now Ford is telling us we were not dreaming. 
That car does exist and it will replace the Fusion (AKA Mondeo in other parts of the world)
But, just like the Evos hatchback, it will probably stay in China. 
There are also rumors of hybrid and even PHEV models. Just when you think a good-looking Ford sedan plug-in hybrid would be great, you can still get one in the US.
Just look for a used Ford Fusion Enerji!
I test drove one a few years ago, and it was excellent. Except for the reduced cargo size, the Enerji was a great car. And, I guess, ahead of its time. As it came out back in 2013!
Sure it had “only” a 26 miles Electric-only range.
But almost over 8 years later, the 2022 Escape PHEV still only offers a 37 miles EV range.


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  1. Beautiful, but the greenhouse and the back reminds me a lot of what Peugeot is doing in recent years. Nonetheless: A Beautiful, almost simple design with great lines. I am surprised this is a Ford.

  2. Looks amazing, not just for a Ford but any sedan. What a shame we won’t get it in the States…

  3. Recalibrate these back from slick designer drawings to real world dimensions and you have a mild and rather generic update of the now ancient Fusion.

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