2023 Hyundai Palisade: new photos…

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The revised Hyundai Palisade SUV for 2023 seems to be just around the corner.
The new front end will adopt some of the Tucson styling cues. (Like the small overseas Creta SUV)
Which could be an improvement over the sea of cheap-looking chrome on the current version.
The powertrain isn’t expected to change. And I haven’t heard of a hybrid option…
Inside, it looks like there will be a new steering wheel design. The console seems pretty much the same. The vents above it could be redesigned, it’s hard to say.
Since we can’t see much else, it could still be getting a new dash as well. Or not.
With almost 82 000 sold last year, the Palisade seems to be a hit for Hyundai. And it is surprisingly more than the 75 000 units of the Kia Telluride. (it was the opposite in 2019)
But none of them even come close to the Toyota Highlander with over 212 000 sales last year.
(That’s actually crazy…)


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  1. your lying about the highlander….. that cannot be true… I do not see a bunch of those… or does the exterior blend in to much?!

  2. The interior pictures look suspect as if they are merged with existing ones. Notice the steering wheel has a double image on the first picture and it is odd how the second interior pictures looks in the windshield area. These could be due to reflections, however, I am really hoping Hyundai is going to offer more significant changes and updates to the interior on the Palisade like they did when they refreshed the 2019 Tucson and 2021 Santafe. Regardless I love the spy photos so keep them coming and thanks for your hard work in keeping us in the know. 🙂

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