2023 Genesis G90: a look inside…

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These are the very first official photos of the 2023 Genesis G90 interior.

I think it does look pretty impressive if a bit weird. At least at first. But once you compare it to the new S-Class and Lexus LS, I think the Genesis looks really good.

The Lexus does look pretty impressive in person. And I hope this is the case for the Mercedes. As it just looks plain weird in photos…

This is probably the last of these really big old fashion luxury sedans. I know there is a new 7 series around the corner. But already, the Audi A8 replacement could be electric. And things will change…

So far so good for Genesis.


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  1. wowser… please tell me Hyundai/Kia/Genesis are in all the upcoming superhero movies…. screw the acuras and audis….

    on a different note… the only thing that really stand out to me is the Mercedes, and that is those damn little vents…. they better be able to pump out some freaking A/C in the California times….. smh

  2. I like the Genesis inside and out. It seems less ostentatious that the other two but is still at the top of the super-luxury game. A very nice alternative.

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