2023 Genesis GV90: new illustrations…

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Of course, there is now a rumor about an even larger and more expensive SUV from Genesis.
And why not? All the kids are doing it.
This would probably not be based on the recently introduced G90 sedan. But on a stretched version of the GV80 platform. That way, R&D wouldn’t really cost too much. And Genesis would end up with a new model with a huge profit margin. Like all these huge SUVs are.
These illustrations basically show a GV80 with a G90 sedan front end and rear lights.
But I really think Genesis would make a much better effort than this. Although something like this would still work. People will buy any large SUVs from any brand at any price. 
Just look at the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer
But next in line is actually a “coupe” version of the GV80. This will probably be the new top of the line 4 seater GV80 people have been talking about.


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  1. called it! this will be an easy mid-cycle refresh of the GV80 to give it the new look of the new G90… one good thing is that it could make the "older" GV80s more affordable…

    the front end looks a lot better on this rendering. not so much about the tail lights, it looks more generic now.

  2. Just saw a new Wagoneer on the streets for the first time. It's even uglier in person. Vince, you should have a contest and ask your loyal subjects to vote for Fugliest car and truck for 2022. Might be fun.

  3. I like it very much. I'll never understand the need for giant station wagons that typically carry one person, but it looks great in these renderings. If they have to be on the roads, they might as well be this handsome.

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