2023 GMC Sierra EV: new teaser…

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Since we have already heard of the new Chevrolet Silverado EV (HERE) it is logical to see a teaser for its GMC clone, the Sierra EV.
Both will be based on GM’s new Ultium platform (Like the GMC Hummer) and will probably have little or nothing to do with the regular Sierra/Silverado pick-ups.
And of course, the most expensive Denali version will be introduced first. Which will help distinguish the GMC model from the less expensive Chevrolet. As usual. 
Although, just like GM’s regular trucks, interiors will be very similar in both versions.
While the Hummer gets its own interior, just like the Escalade does compare to the Tahoe/Yukon.
It looks like the Sierra’s job will be to maybe go after the Rivian. At least price-wise. While the Silverado will compete with the F-150 EV.
This is the first step. As in a few years, these will totally replace traditional ICE pick-ups…

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  1. Until they solve the range degradation while towing, these EV trucks will be limited to more local use.

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