2023 Hyundai Grandeur: first spy shots…

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The current generation Grandeur (AKA Azera) has never been sold in the US. (Second pic)
Not even as a lower-end Genesis model.
It came out back in 2016 and got a “Facelift” in 2019. 
It looks like Hyundai is getting the next generation ready, and it will be a total departure from the current model Even previous generations.
They seem to go for a retr0/futuristic look similar to the recently introduced “Heritage Series Grandeur” concept (4th photo). Itself a strange futuristic version of the original 1986/92 first generation (above).
The spy shots show a design that already seems to look sleeker and more modern than the true retro concept. Some sleek/retro design that will stand out in a crowd, which is great.
Too bad sedans arent the cool thing right now. I can only imagine what a cool retro/futuristic-looking Ford LTD or Crown Victoria could look like as an EV.
So far, this is fantastic. And will add to the cool Hyundai models we can’t have over here. Like the Staria Van. Or what if Toyota decided to do this with the Camry. Or Honda with the Accord.
I know it’s a long shot, but maybe Hyundai could find it in its heart to bring an electric version over as part of the Ioniq EV family?
And why not???


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  1. The first gen reminds me a lot of the first gen Mitsubishi Galant. Not sure I like the new one. Kind of glad it's not coming to the US.

    Interesting greenhouse. I like the fact each generation H&K is changing the greenhouse every generation instead of keep last generation and just changing the front and backends.

  3. In some pics, the C-pillar gives me Ford Tempo vibes.

    And yes, the first generation was a rebadged Mitsubishi Debonair

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