2023 Lexus RZ : new teaser video

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Lexus just released a new teaser for their 2023 RZ electric SUV.
The all-new RZ is the production version of the great-looking LF-Z concept we saw a while ago (pix above)
In the video, the production model looks very, very close to the concept. Which is great news.
The RZ is basically Lexus’s version of the Toyota b4ZXYRWZX. Sharing its platform and powertrain with the new Subaru Solterra.
So far, the best range available on the Toyota is in the FWD model, and it’s only around 250 miles.
Lexus will probably make AWD standard. While the Lexus looks pretty fantastic so far, 250 miles of range, or less, is not really acceptable these days for a Luxury EV.
The new Cadillac Lyriq is already claiming over 300 miles. And that’s really where the Lexus should be.
Let’s hope Toyota has been able to squeeze a bit more range for the Lexus version. Otherwise, it might have a tough time.
And that really would be a shame. As it looks like they’ve been trying really hard with this one. It makes all other Lexus designs (except for the LC ) really old…

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  1. Well, that looks much better than Lexus's current Crossover crop. Hope you're right about the increased range.

  2. It's funny how all these brands pushed SUVs and crossovers and kept telling everyone that nobody was buying sedans, yet all their future concepts and dream cars all have sedan like proportions but plopped on a crossover chassis. It makes no sense.

    Besides that, this looks okay. I can see they put a lot of effort into it and you can tell. But I hate to dig on the creators and designers because at the same time it just feels like it is also just there.

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