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These new photos, show us what it would look like if the Chrysler Airflow was a real car. With real humans inside and around it.
And I think it looks pretty good!
We first saw the Airflow concept almost 2 years ago at CES.
Apparently, Stelantis doesn’t have any new Chrysler models planned for next year and 2023. So this would only come out in 2024.
Which is too bad. This is a car Chrysler needs right away. It looks very nice and modern. In 2021…
I am sure it could hold its own against the Mustang Mach E. And compete well against the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5.
But in 3 years? There will be A LOT of great EVs.
I guess they must still be hard at work on the production version design. And hopefully, it will even look better than this by the time it goes on sale.
At least, they are breathing some life back into Chrysler. After all these years of Crazy Sergio trying to kill it.
This is actually good news.


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  1. Good news for sure, but I am afraid it's going to be way too little, way too late. This should be out now, competing with the Mustang Mach E for sales.

  2. Nice. Too bad I cant see exactly what the greenhouse looks like though because there lacks a side profile photo.

  3. Totally right. This would fit right into today's EV market, in a pleasant but kind of bland way. Like the Nissan Ariya. But 3 years from now?! These inoffensive but uninspiring EVs are exactly the reason that Ford scrapped their original plans and developed the Mach E as a Mustang.

  4. Easy answer: profit margin!

    The profit margin on a Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban is reportedly around 30%.
    Which means over $24 000 for a truck-based SUV costs $80 000.

    The best profit margin on a car is around 8 to 10%. Or about $12 000 for a $40 000 car.
    Profits are (for now) even much less on an EV.

    So for now, huge truck-based SUVs will always be prioritized by manufacturers. They're only here to make money.
    Sad but true. They only make EVs because of regulations, and future profit potential. They will end up making tons of money on EVs.

  5. Branding this mediocrity as a Chrysler is pointless. Make it a minivan (it’s pretty close already) or just make it go away. Chrysler is about as relevant today as a dial telephone and belongs with Plymouth, Oldsmobile and Mercury in the auto brands graveyard. Brilliant Sergio took a failing and debt ridden FIAT and Chrysler and combined them into a profit gushing powerhouse by building up Jeep and Ram and offloading as many of the loser brands as the Italians would let him. Stellantis inherited way too many brands and will need to finish the job in order to prosper. Maybe keep Dodge if muscle cars are a thing in an EV world where every car can accelerate like one, but Chrysler needs to go.

  6. Let's be clear. Sergio destroyed a lot of value. Jeeps resurgence was in spite if him. He was more interested in putting reskinned Fiat designs into each brand. Let's remember the Fiat 500 and the terrible small Jeep Renegade-Fiat that's still the rolling trash can it was upon intro. And pulling Ram out was a poor market move. Their sales increase was more to do with cheap gas prices fueling the general segments. But Chrysler and Alfa have suffered, as did his disasters with their ownership of Ferrari and other exotics. Sergio wanted an Italian Kia in every drive: cheap, disposable and profitable, and had no interest in developing future transitions to electrified mobility.

    As for this Chrysler concept, and better Jeeps… That happened after he kicked off. If Stellantis is smart, they'll develop close ties with LUCID. Tesla is only here for now. Musk's ego will never allow him to create partnerships and so Tesla will likely be gone in 10yrs. His other ventures are already failing – solar and SpaceX. Boring will likely go too because he's an intelligent huckster. Nothing more. Wealth cones and collapses for people like him. And then it's gone.

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