2023 Hyundai Grandeur: new interior illustration…

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This illustration from HITEKRO shows us what a retro-inspired interior would look like in the upcoming 7th generation Grandeur sedan.

We have seen the exterior many times, although still camouflaged. As well as many illustrations.  But so far, it is inspired by the retro “Heritage series Grandeur” concept we saw last year. Which means the interior could probably be very close to this cool illustration.

Again, I really like this trend. I think this would be great for EVs. Since electric platforms lead to more design freedom. 

This is what I want to see as Ford’s next EV.

I guess an electric version of that new Grandeur could be the closest thing…

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  1. I would love to see '70s cars make a comeback. It would be hilarious to see them get great gas mileage or be an ev. Super big inside, comfy. I'm down with that. Hold up, I'm groovy with that. LOL

  2. This is from "The Streets of San Francisco" ( A Quinn Martin production)

    That's Karl Malden stepping out of the car.

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