2023 Hyundai Palisade: another spy shot…

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It seems the revised 2023 Hyundai Palisade SUV could be out any minute now.
As we have seen one spay shot after another for a long time. Same thing with the Kia Telluride
The new lights already look even busier than the current version. And who knows if the ghastly grille will be any better or not. (which is the only thing that really needed a redesign)
On both models, these changes seem very unnecessary. And also poorly timed. Since these cars already have a long waiting list or huge dealer markups when you can find one.
These revisions should have really been canceled. 


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  1. So…which is it? The ghastly grille needed a redesign or the revisions should have been cancelled? Both can't be true.

  2. I agree. For the first time, I think this model line shouldn't see any significant exterior changes until the next generation. They could have kept the same exact vehicles in the showroom for 7 years. They could have saved money. They should have pulled a GM.

  3. I have owned a Palisade since early 2020 and the overall greatness of the vehicle blinds me to the "ghastly grill." Lol
    Actually, I really like the DRL design of the current Palisade. Not sure I like the Tuscon/Santa Cruz design as much. Looking forward to seeing the finished product though.

  4. I like what I see so far-the DRL running off to the side vs. cutting through the main headlamps gives off a cleaner look imo.

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