New Buick EV teaser: Electra coming soon…

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 Buick just released this teaser for an upcoming electric model. Which will be their very first EV in the US. And, as we know, will probably be called “Electra“.

Even though the photo says “Concept vehicle shown” the new model could be very close to what we’ll be seeing this summer. This is pretty much what they also say on new Silverado EV photos. And the Cadillac Lyriq ended up looking almost exactly the same as the “concept” version we had seen earlier.

So what we’ll see this summer, will basically be what we’ll get a few months later. 

It will share its Ultium platform with the new Cadillac Lyriq. But, being a Buick, it will start under the $60 000 base price before incentives. Which could mean well under $45 000 in most states. Not bad at all for an electric crossover…

GM’s big push into the electric world has really started. We’ll have to see what people think of the Lyriq when it actually comes out. But it’s already looking quite good for what you get. Especially for the price. Which will be at least $10 000 less than the Model Y after incentives. This new Buick as well as the upcoming Chevrolet Equinox EV both have the potential to be big hits for GM.

I can’t wait to see more of this.

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  1. Even if its got to be a crossover, it would be great if maybe they lowered it just a bit to differentiate it from the Caddy and whatever else is using this platform (Chevy, Honda, Acura…) and make it slightly different an offering from the rest of the Buicks lineup too. It might even give it better highway range with less air going under the car. Crazy thoughts n stuff.

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