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We have seen spy shots of this new, compact Cadillac crossover before.
It was usually labeled “XT-3”.
But as you can see, the new patent drawings don’t really show something smaller than the current XT-4.
On top of that, the aging XT-5 is really in need of a new generation after 6 years. You would think that’s a priority since it’s still their best seller.
There is also that quote from Rory Harvey last year saying “last year’s Escalade would be the final Cadillac ever to be unveiled with a conventional motor”.
You can tell the second photo shows what could be an EV version. With the top one being a “conventional” model? Or both?
I’ve heard that statement only applied to the US market. This means the car pictured here could be one of these “Chinese market only” new models we won’t even have in the US.
(Like the upcoming revised XT-6)
It does look fine, but not great. Already not as modern as the Lyriq. The whole thing says “previous design language” to me. Like something that had forgotten a while ago and decided to finally release. 
Who knows…

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  1. Meanwhile the XT4 facelift was just spied too, so it’s definitely not that (or if this is also an XT4, no way it will be sold in the same markets).

  2. Didn't they literally just announce that no more ICE Cadillacs would be introduced after the Lyriq?

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