2023 Honda Accord: new illustrations…

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All I have to say is: ” let’s hope not.”
I really like the current generation of the Honda Accord and this would just be bad. Of course, it does look quite a bit like the spy shots we’ve seen recently. But the proportions seem pretty wrong. I know many expect Honda to “pull a 22 Civic” on us with the new Accord. By making it a more conservative design. 
But so far, the spy shots look better than this. 
There’s still hope…

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  1. Tbh, I kind of like the front and rear of this better than the current gen. The rest of it isn't horrible, but I do hope the final version looks a little more modern than this overall. Looks much better than the Civic sedan though. I just hope the interior goes on a different stylistic route than what we have seen so far for 22/23 new gen introduced Honda's.

  2. All I have to say is: " let's hope so.

    what's up with that floating quotation mark? were you attempting to quote something someone else had said but failed to complete the mission?

  3. So as we predicted a bigger Civic ? if the Interior is the same, this will be the biggest let down and they should discontinue it

  4. It Just looks like something already on the roads today. So many sedan have this same identical shape.

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