2024 Honda Pilot: new illustrations…

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These new illustrations show what the next-generation Honda Pilot could look like.
While the prototypes driving around are still covered in plenty of camouflage, these renderings look pretty realistic.
Showing yet another super boring Honda design. Looking like a big 2023 HR-V.
We already know the next Pilot will be based on the same platform as the great Acura MDX. This means it will probably retain its super smooth (and thirsty) V6.
Which is good and bad news, in an automotive landscape hurling toward electrification at an ever-increasing rate of speed.
Big changes are coming very fast. And most car buyers are now looking for some sort of a hybrid or PHEV. If not full EVs.
I just wonder how long a big SUV with a big V6 with no hybrid option can be an attractive choice for most.
And let’s also hope this won’t get another “Civic type” interior design…

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  1. I love how you and everybody else in the media fangirled over the Civic's instrument cluster and mesh vents when they first came out, but now that Honda is doing a variation of it in each successive redesign, you're praying they won't? Meanwhile, M-B and BMW are using scaled up-or-down versions of the exact same instrument panels in all their models, but that's fine.

  2. huh? i think the illustration looks very nice and it be great if Honda follows thru with it.
    It looks less upright/frumpy/mommy-mini van .
    Reminds me of the new Mazda CX50 where it looks wider, longer hood, more aggressive then the CX5.

  3. Someone grafted the front end of the new CRV onto a Dodge Durango, and call it good. Probably NOT what we're gonna see.

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