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With all this news about the 2023 new Honda models, like the CR-V and Pilot (and even the 2024 Prologue), we almost forgot the upcoming new Honda Accord.

The Accord sedan is still a very popular model for Honda. With over 202 000 of them sold last year. (More than the previous year) We’ve seen official patent designs before. So we really have a good idea of what it’ll look like already. Mostly a more conservative design than the current generation. Which is what they did with the 2022 Civic.

The top 2 illustrations above are obviously from the patent illustrations. And they probably look very, very close to the real thing (although Honda will not use the same wheel design as the current generation, as shown on the white car). The 3rd one just looks too bland. And doesn’t reflect what we already know of the car’s final design.

I really hope they don’t use the lazy tablet design for the interior, but I know they will. Since they’ve been putting it in everything in the past 2 years. And even in the upcoming 2023 Pilot. Which is really too bad. The current dashboard is still very nice. As a matter of fact, the current Accord might still be the best car in its segment. It’s just a great sedan.

Honda has already mentioned the 2024 Accord. But only the Hybrid. At first, I thought it meant only a Hybrid would be available for 2024. But they had done the same thing with the CR-V before it came out. I think they will still offer the 1.5 Liter Turbo in the Accord. But the Hybrid could be getting a power boost and just replace the 2.0 Liter option.

While speaking about the Accord, let’s not forget the next Camry. Which will probably come out soon after the Honda. At over 313 000 of them sold last year, it is still a huge hit for Toyota.

Not sure if the Hybrid will be standard or not in the next generation. But it’s already been done with the Venza and Sienna. Both are hybrid-only models. I really think it would be a gutsy and smart move to make the Camry a Hybrid only model.

One thing is almsot ceratain is a PHEV version. Just like almost every single Toyota model these days…

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  1. I really like the current generation Accord. I am really hoping they don’t ruin this car by making it way more conservative. I also hope it has it’s own interior design, and doesn’t just implement a larger Civic/HRV/CRV design. I like those interiors, but the Accord just deserves something more special.

  2. Venza and Sienna are very low volume models compare to Camry, so don’t expect hybrid only camry.

    I think RAV4 Hybrid like AWD drive hybrid Camry would be awesome but chances are low as Camry is low to the ground, and Crown will have setup from RAV4 Hybrid AWD.

  3. Whatever the Accord ends up looking like, my money is placed on the expectation that there will be mroe than one form of front end embellishment just like the Civic and CR-V… a simpler front end (EX gas only), a more sporty grill (Sport-gas only), and a more stylized Touring Hybrid (which will also be a bunch more expensive).

  4. Vince, the new Accord might be a decent vehicle but loyal owners are going a different routes now days after the pandemic.
    Subaru dealerships are some of the few w/o or very small mark up on the prices.
    I was really exited waiting for a new Hybrid CRV, but Honda got so cheap on components, they even removed the USB connectors in the rear on the EX-L. And the they’re still using the same powertrain, but is slower now. More defined maybe, but slower.
    The new Kia Sportage is amazing (Interior) but you still have to deal with crazy markups.
    Toyota, I wanna to get a Rav XSE (Hybrid) but markups about $5K, crazy.
    So after waiting for the new Honda CRV, I just ordered a new Subaru Forester Wilderness. Not only did I pay MSRP price, but I got an extra $1K off. And I was able to built it w/o extra crap that Honda and other dealerships are doing now.
    Chips Shortage you ask, how come they are building higher up trim levels only, you can hardly find entry trim level.
    And I love my Forester so much and the treatment I got from Subaru, I also got a Crosstrek and I’m just waiting for the new Solterra. I placed on order and it should arrive at the end of the month.

    I’m not the only one ditching Honda, I follow forums and others are doing the same.
    The new Accord might be a decent vehicle but paying and extra $1800, in price increase (Honda) and on extra $3-5K mark up from the stealerships? That is not cool.
    Kia, Hyundai and others are offering more technology on their products while Honda is cutting down.
    Also, I think Honda is pushing customers on the Hybrid models too.

    Vince, great job and the website upgrade, and please keep up the great work you do. I’ve been a fan for many years.

  5. @Tony – I think you nailed that one about Honda. They’re updating everything. But there are so many factors coming to play in being ABLE to just buy a car, they can’t afford to screw up other parts – like cheaping out (which seems like is happening again in a major way) and their new cleaner (I would say dull) designs. I’m afraid the bloodbath will continue for NA Honda, even if they get more cars assembled. And they really need this Accord to be a better optioned, gorgeous design with great mileage, that can ride and move like fabled Hondas of old.

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