2024 Buick Electra 5: dissapointing…

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This is quite a letdown. After teasing us with the fantastic Electra X Concept just a few months ago, we get to see Buick’s very first EV (at least for the North American market). And it just looks pretty terrible. And nothing at all like the Electra X.

At first, I thought it was based on the Chevrolet Equinox EV. Since it doesn’t look as upscale as the Chevrolet Blazer EV or Cadillac Liryq. But at 193 inches long, it’s actually right in between the Equinox and Liryq in size. So who knows…

To me, this looks like a 10-year-old Chinese design. Not one of these really cool recent GM Ultium-based EVs.I can’t see this competing at all against anything except the new Vinfast 8. It also looks much worse than the current Buick Envision. Really, a missed opportunity. Let’s hope this is one of these “Chinese market only” GM products…

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  1. Slap some larger rims, get rid of that front license plate holder, and give it a more interesting paint color and this is just as nice looking as any of the other upcoming “near luxury” EV crossovers. You can’t tell me that this looks worse than the Lexus RZ or the Acura EV. Paint color is so important and I hate when car makers show their cars off in terrible colors like white, black or silver. Lexus was showing off it’s upcoming EV crossover in some unique bronze color and Acura was using that killer blue paint they’ve used on the NSX.

  2. I’m not in love with the design of any of the new crop of GM Ultimum vehicles. They are blocky, gimmicking things. This excrescence manages to add boring to that list.

    Again, what is the purpose of Buick?

  3. Of course it is disappointing, all SUVs are disappointing. Look at the 2023 Cadillac CT6 below in this website, compare it with slow, square shape, non aerodynamic, bad handling Suvs. It is so bad, i just hope SUV designers dont work for Boeing or Airbus, can you imagine a square plane being developed.

  4. they need to just get rid of the Buick brand in North America. makes no sense to have this in between an upscale Chevy and the Cadillac brand

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