2024 Buick Envista: coming to America…

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We have seen the new Buick Envista a few months ago. Basically Buick’s new entry-level crossover for the Chinese market.

Now GM has announced the obvious: it is coming to the US soon. Although it is a bit longer than the Encore GX, it might actually be a bit cheaper. Since it is related to the Chevrolet Trax, which is cheaper than the Trailblazer. Just like the Trailblazer, the Envista is FWD only. At least in China. But unlike the Trax, it is powered by a more powerful 1.5 Liter Turbo matched to a CVT (The Trax gets a 6-speed auto). Although who knows if the US specs will be similar or not?

It has a nice shape and a truly modern and almost upscale interior. The Encore GX starts at around $26 000. Which means this could actually be quite affordable. And not that much more than the Trax.

I just wonder if it’s such a good idea for Buick to offer something in that low price range. he whole “cheap Buick” idea seems pretty redundant and weird to me…

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  1. I’ll say it again: this screams cheap econocar. It really shows in real life photos taken on the street, not professional “glam” shots. The trite “floating roof” C-pillar instead of a solid, honest design on the exterior and the interior door panel which looks like a convoluted hard plastics nightmare look anything but upscale.

    Maybe Toyota can loan them the new Prius and bz compact SUV concept design team.

  2. So long story short, they were smart not to call this “Encore” to sister “Trax.” That would have been even more confusing than Trailblazer. I’m wondering if they are going to drop “GX” from Encore now, since it’s the only one.

  3. Exactly what everyone was clamoring for, another communist China built “American” car. Hard plastic hollow door panels and 3 cyl turbos to the rescue! We deserve everything we allow these greedy companies to do to us.

  4. Cheap Buicks?

    Oh! We have been through that so many times now. First there was was the Buick Opel Rekord brought over from Germany in 1957, later followed by the Buick Opel Kadett, 1900, and Manta. Then came the Buick Opel by Isuzu. All cheap Buicks!

  5. Looks no more upmarket than a basic Mitsubishi. Not what I would consider a Buick to be. Then again most Buicks were re-badged Opels. Still, this looks like an Econo-Chinese model.

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