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No, I’m not a big fan of Hongqi designs. Their big H9 sedan, while looking quite upscale, has a super chromy obnoxious design. And it looks like their upcoming smaller sedan, the H6, follows in its big brother’s footsteps.

But what I find interesting is the rear design. A real hatchback, disguised as a regular sedan. If you look at the 3rd photo, the rear end is actually not as straight as a new 2023 Accord. The H6 does have a trunk shape sticking out a bit (The Accord doesn’t). And yet, it offers a hatchback. Which I think is how it should be. A fastback without a full hatch opening is just dumb.

Hongqi didn’t invent this, of course. As the 1979 Mustang already had a similar design. So does the Skoda Superb in Europe. And others.

I know they can save a few bucks with a regular trunk. I think the Accord would appeal to a wider audience with a hatch. But the car that obviously needs it the most is the new Toyota Crown. I actually think the lack of a hatch will be the kiss of death for that new sedan.

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  1. 110% agree with you on hatchback. I love them!!! I would be in the market for an Accord or Crown (better yet a Acura or Lexus version) if they made a true hatchback like this. I feel it is a wasted opportunity to drive sales back to the sedan market.

  2. Here’s the interesting thing… those fastback and hatch designs that have been intro’d lately, such as the Civic Hatchback all suffer aero losses in mileage due to the bluntness. Now, I get it for something like the Mazda 3 hatch, where its part of the style. But in the Civic’s case, its very bulbous and that big of deck lid like the gen# integra’s had might have not only added very much needed additional room but also aero efficiency. I kind of thing the Integra re-do missed this opportunity not just in terms of its added space, but to connect to its past.

  3. I’m honestly surprised that in the time of C/SUVs that more sedans don’t have hatches. People point to the Buick Regal, but that is an outlier.

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