New Fiat 500e: coming to the US?

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This is a screengrab from the event schedule for the Press Day next week at the Los Angeles Auto show. What could it be? Well, only one thing since it mentions “North American Debut”. that means nothing we haven’t seen before. It can only mean the North American debut of the new 500e.

The “new 500” was introduced almost 2 years ago in Europe. As an electric-only new version of the 500 revival from 2007.

The new EV has an electric range of around 200 miles using the European test. Which would be lower in the US. maybe down to around 160. (249 miles in the Urban cycle test) Which is OK, but not great. Especially since the $26 000 Chevrolet Bolt is rated at 259 miles.

In Europe, the New 500 is already available in various versions. The regular 2-door hatchback, the “fake” convertible Cabrio version. And a new “3+1” 3-door version.

Visiting the current Fiat USA webpage is a sad experience. But probably not as sad as working at a Fiat dealership. With only one model to sell (500X), it has to be the loneliest job in the car business.

I but US dealers have been asking for something. Anything. Fiat’s only model is basically the New 500. But without any federal incentives available, it could be a pricey little thing. I guess it will compete here with the electric Mini SE. Last year, the SE was Mini’s most popular model.

I can see why Fiat would be interested…

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  1. Still better range than the Mazda MX-30, but pretty much everything is. Not sure why any manufacturer would waste the time and $$$ bringing anything to today’s market with less than 200 miles of effective range. 300+ would be better still.

  2. I have a Bolt EUV and I love it. SuperCruise is amazing also. It has 4000 miles on it in just three months. I am admittedly slightly more aggressive on average than a typical driver and do nearly all miles on short freeway jaunts… Anyhow, I say all this because I get about 180 miles of range realistically. It will say that it’ll go max 259, but the remaining miles based on your driving is significantly less. I wouldn’t care whatsoever and it’s not a big issue, but it does make me wish it’s fast charging was faster. Love the car and highly recommend. Seats aren’t great though. SuperCruise is worth it!

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