2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6: another video…

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Unlike the mostly static shots of the previous Ioniq 6 video I posted earlier, this shows you more of the car in action.

Again, I am really looking forward to seeing the car after enjoying it at the Los Angeles Auto show last month. Just like the Ioniq 5, the new sedan feels very special and different. Which, I think, is great for an EV.

Car and Driver estimates the base price could be around $44 000. Since the Ioniq 6 will have the larger battery standard, it could be around $1500 less than the Ioniq 5 (Although a smaller battery is available on the Ioniq 5 for $41 450. Other magazines seem to think the new sedan will be slightly more expensive than the Ioniq 5. Around $44 000 would undercut the RWD Tesla Model 3 by about $3000. (although a rebate is currently available).

The Model 3 will qualify for the new federal rebate next year while the Hyundai will not. Still, the Hyundai looks and feels like a vastly superior product in real life. And with a much longer range!

Related note: when will the Tesla chargers be available to everyone? Didn’t they say “before the end of the year”???

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  1. I’d never want a pure electric, but if I did, this one looks like it would be on my short list. Tesla has issues. They aren’t the only game in town anymore, but still act like they are. And it has nothing to do with Musk and Twiiter. Product takes years to get to market, and Tesla should have planning for now way back then.

  2. It reminds me of the old Merkur models Ford/Lincoln use to sell in the late 80s-90s; I like this and the Fisker products, PEAR and OCEAN. But I feel the new Chevy Equinox will be the most available or obtainable.

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