All-New Buick LaCrosse: spy shots…

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Buick has redesigned the LaCrosse sedan for the Chinese market.

I’m actually not sure it looks that much better than the outgoing model. GM stopped selling the current generation in the US in 2019. That year it got a mid-cycle facelift for the Chinese market and kept being sold over there. Of course, this next generation will never make it outside of China.

I posted photos of the next-generation Cadillac CT6 next to the new LaCrosse. Another luxury sedan from GM won’t make it to the US. At first, it seems to me the new Buick was just a rebadged version of the next CT6. Of course, it isn’t since both cars are based on platforms used by their predecessors. This means the new CT6 is still RWD and the LACross still uses its FWD platform.

Still, the profiles look very, very similar to me. Why? Are we back to 1970’s GM?

One thing the new LACrosse is not: the production version of this great-looking sketch.

Buick is rumored to introduce a new sedan flagship. Which could be based on this. Of course, a new larger ICE sedan will again be for the Chinese market only. But the lack of a large grille on the sketch makes me think it could be an EV. A new electric sedan from Buick could definitely be sold in North America. Competing with the many upcoming EV sedans from Audi, VW, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes, and many others.

And yes, even the good old Tesla model 3.

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  1. Whew, that front end hurts my eyes…China can keep it. And did I mention how much I hate Buicks new tri-shield logo? Similar to Dodges new half a hashtag twin slashes. They both just show zero design effort. How did Kia manage to get it right but our 100 yr old companies can’t?

  2. thank you for putting that caddy pic in there because that’s all i was getting too….. from far away, especially with the new symbol on it…. i thought it was a new Chinese company coming out of left field…..

    speaking of the logo…. the new model does not do the new logo justice like it does in the sketch…

    commercials and website still have old logos up… taking them a while for the change over… unlike kia

  3. A face only a mother could love. A body only a geriatric could love.

    Buick really needs to become the Tesla EV fighter & gas-electric hybrid brand for GM. I’m not sure what this is.

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