Next Toyota C-HR: not for us…

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Toyota just released the new C-HR Prologue concept a few days ago. Which is a very close preview of the much better-looking next-generation C-HR.

They have just mentioned they will stop selling the C-HR in the US after 2022. No successor is planned for North America. While Europe will be getting a new PHEV version as well.

This is really too bad. I think the PHEV model could have done well over here. At least better than the current generation. Maybe Toyota thought it would compete too much with the new Prius. Since it might have been pretty close in price.

They never really made an effort with the C-HR in the US anyway. It was originally conceived to compete with the Nissan Juke. But, at least in the US, was only available with a 144HP 2.0 Liter engine. While the Juke had over 190HP from its Turbo engine. The C-HR is also available in Europe as a Hybrid. But again, not in the US.

This was a typical case of “putting zero effort into it and complaining about slow sales”.

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  1. We may end up seeing a phev of the Corolla Cross. We will be getting the hybrid. This is what will take sales away from the C-HR. I am disappointed in their decision. I like the new Prius but I want something with a higher seating position.

  2. The C-HR got almost unanimous bad reviews from the very start.

    And (in a rare moment for Toyota), owners expressed their dissatisfaction.

    This wasn’t a good idea. Hopefully, Toyota will learn from this.

  3. I hear a lot of hate about the current CH-R which puzzles me. I always found it to be a really funky, sporty looking CUV and was by far the most stylish thing Toyota did at the time. And I see thousands of them on the streets here in Australia but also has been a great seller in Europe. This new generation thought is much better indeed, as it should be – curious to see the actual price of these once they hit the market and the waiting lists. Currently most Toyotas here have over a year waiting lists and aren’t as cheap anymore.

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