2024 Hyundai Sonata: new spy shot…

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Even though it seems we’ve seen spy shots and illustrations of the 2024 Sonata for years now, it’s actually the first time we see the real thing without any camouflage. Caught during a photo shoot.

As predicted by many illustrators, the Sonata adopts an LED bar across the redesigned front end. And that fish face is out. But the new front end still appears to be really busy with tons of black plastic trim all over. Which is really too bad. Since they had a chance to clean things up.

On a sad note, this is the last time we see a new (or revised) Sonata since the current generation is scheduled to be the last. I guess in about 3 years, Hyundaii figures the Ioniq 6 would be cheap enough to replace it. Or they are maybe planning a cheaper EV sedan in a couple of years.

More on this very soon.

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  1. They can say the Ionic 6 will replace it, but they are in completely different price points. I think this “we’re abandoning ICE for EVs that cost twice as much us going to drive up the price of used car values. For the next couple decades.

  2. No more 🐟 face. That’s an instant improvement. If the Sonata sticks with the 2.5T in the N-Line, it and the K5GT will replace the Accord as the enthusiast choice. I have a feeling that sales are going to improve immensely with this new look. I will kind of miss the cool and distinctive drls of the pre-refresh though.

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