2024 Kia EV9; New spy video…

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Apparently, this is a spy video of the upcoming Kia EV9 electric SUV.

But somehow, it seems a bit weird to me. After seeing the weirdo Mazda/Tesla Frankenstein monster yesterday (and others) it’s hard to believe anything. I’ve also seen pretty realistic fake videos around too. The super dark windows on the Kia seem odd. But maybe this is a photo shoot where they need the car with raked windows. Usually, they would show the interior in photos or videos of the final product.

It was taken in South America, for some reason. Not sure why.

No matter what, the EV9 seems almost ready and we should be able to see the real thing, inside and out, really soon.

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  1. The leaked specs are pathetic. I can’t believe they are still using a 77.4 kwH battery for this huge vehicle.

  2. The video *seems* legit. I quite like the look of the EV9, it’s distinctive and not in a bad way.

  3. I’m not believing the leaked specs until it is actually unveiled from Kia. It’s 2023 I can’t belive people still belive in leaks coming from 3rd parties.

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