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I just got a 2023 Honda CR-V for the week.

EX-L AWD model. For a total of $36 900 including destination. I just drove it around town for a couple of hours and so far so good. I think it looks much better in person. And more modern as well. Enough to make the previous generation looks old and busy.

It’s smooth and quiet. The CVT works well. And the 8-speaker stereo is better than I was expecting.

As usual, I will answer any questions you might have about the car.

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  1. Vince what MPG are you getting?
    I finally drove the 2023 FWD CRV Hybrid Sport, and it looks nicer in person and the drive is better as well. HOWEVER, the MPG is a different story. I did my test drive in a flat 10 miles. I drove up to 60 MPH and I was only able to get around 32 MPG. Awful, just like plenty of new owners complaining about the same results as well.
    I got into my 2023 Subaru Forester and I drove really light footed, and I was cruising and staying around 50-55MPG. I managed to get 36MPG. Not the same drive as the one with the CRV but I felt I did really good since the Forester is not a Hybrid.

    I really loved the 2023 CRV Hybrid overall, except for the cheap cloth seat material.
    Please post your MPG results please. I’m still borderline on getting one.
    In my opinion, if you’re about to get a regular 2023 gas CRV, I think the extra $2K or so is worth it. But in my case I’m really happy with my 2023 Forester.
    Also, the price between the Hybrid Sport and the Touring (leather) is crazy high.
    I was told that Honda is working on producing a FWD Hybrid Touring, since the MPG are awful on the AWD. Currently there’s only a AWD.

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