Cadillac future EV: new illustration.

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So far, we know Cadillac will be showing 3 all-new EV models this year alone.

This means they will probably enter production sometime next year. The new Lyriq is finally being produced in more decent numbers and now offers more colors and 3 different models. The hand made limited-production Celestiq will enter production in December.

We have seen prototypes and illustrations of a smaller Cadillac EV Crossover model, as well as one larger than the Lyriq. This means there is a surprise coming up this year. I don’t think they’ll introduce 3 SUVs. My guess is on a sedan, competing with the tesla model 3. But what if they just went nuts and decided to revive the Eldorado name for a really cool Coupe and Convertible? Not something crazy like another $300 000 car, but something well under $100 000. Something some of us will actually buy and the rest of us will enjoy seeing in the streets.

And that’s just for this year alone. By 2024, Cadillac will have at least 4 EV models. With a new Escalade “sub-brand” coming as well.

Where is Lincoln in all this???

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  1. If it’s an electric sedan, I would hope for something either competing with the Model S, and not the Model 3, which would be a bit small and humble for Cadillac. I’d rather see a bigger 4-door coupe/sedan toward the sized of the previous CT6, that would be more in line for a premium marque.

  2. The Cadillac of tomorrow needs to worry more about Lexus, Volvo, Benz, BMW and Land Rover more than it does Lincoln. Cadillacs are their own thing—not just gussied up versions of the volume brand. Lincoln is doing its thing more now than ever, but what is their thing? There isn’t a “most Lincoln Lincoln.”

  3. With respects to Tesla, I would like to see Cadillac target the Model S, Model Y, and something above it. I think they’re pursuing the right strategy by leaving the Model 3 to other makes. They’re still working on their brand’s image (and doing a great job) and these designs seem fit for more elegant and larger vehicles.

  4. Those cars are gorgeous.
    A brilliant person designed them!
    Cadillac NEEDS these CARS !
    How hard can it be to offer them ?
    Crossovers & SUVs : ” Escalade sub brand?”
    Why ?
    Don’t they & Buick have enough ?
    How many boxes can you make ?
    The foreign majors STILL make cars !
    ELDORADO is the perfect name & an EV Convertible would be a magnificent standout !
    I would love to see that & FLEETWOOD – E60 Special!
    Cadillac lovers are loyal & stop disappointing us !

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