Volvo’s new “Active Vehicle”: new illusration.

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While Volvo is busy coming out with a series of new electric SUVs, they claim the wagon isn’t dead yet.

We just saw the new EX90 recently. A much smaller EX30 will be unveiled soon. Then of course something in between will have to fill the gap. Probably an EX60. But Volov has also mentioned a new EV sedan. And also 2 new “Active Vehicles” which will replace their current wagon lineup. Currently, Volvo still offers the V60 and V90 wagons for those who don’t want an SUV. Which is great.

In the US, we get Cross Country versions of the V60 and V90. And a PHEV “Recharge” version of the V60. The current “Recharge” model is terribly priced. At $12 000 more than the V60 Cross Country. Which is ridiculous.

Even though Volvo has mentioned a future for their wagons in the EV world, that doesn’t mean they’re coming to the US. The V60 sold only 660 units in 2021. Which really almost amounts to zero. At around $50 000, it’s also not crazy expensive for an upscale brand with a truly premium interior these days.

Let’s hope they find a way to make their wagons a bit more popular in the US. I’m sure most people don’t even know Volvo is still offering wagons.

The Swedish automaker has been producing wagons since the 1950s, and over the years, these cars have gained a loyal following among families and individuals who prioritize practicality and safety. One of the defining features of Volvo station wagons is their ample cargo space. These cars have long roofs and roomy trunks that can accommodate large items, such as furniture, bicycles, or camping gear. Some models even have a third row of seats, making them ideal for larger families or carpooling.

I think they still have a place in Volvo’s lineup. Volvo without wagons is like Disney without an animation department. (something Eisner actually tried to do…)

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  1. ENG:i like the New wagon Volvo ” and that’s Car of images Maybe is new generation Volvo v60 in Ev stages!!

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