Ford Fiesta EV: new illustration.

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We just saw the new European Ford Explorer EV based on the VW platform. We’ve also heard more recently about a coupe version that could be called the Capri EV. So far, I hadn’t heard anything about an even smaller Ford EV for the European market using the Fiesta name.

This all-new model will share its platform with the VW ID.2, which will be the production version of the VW 2all Concept we saw a few weeks ago. The VW version will come out in 2026 at a base price of around 25 000 Euros. An even smaller and cheaper model is also scheduled for later. I guess a small Ford EV could use either of these as a base for a small electric hatchback in Europe.

Of course, this will not be coming over to North America…

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  1. Wouldn’t be shocked if they did but as you said Vince there has been no word on Ford considering releasing any normal hatch/sedan in Europe or continuing the Fiesta name.

  2. ENG: friend George Mr. Vicent blogger Auto: BurlappCar!! he misunderstood the information!! and the Ford fiesta mk8 hatchback Ev must return to production probably in September 2026 even if it will be based on the chassis of its German Electric cousin: VW id-2 hatchback or Vw id-polo hatchback (the production version of the small hatchback concept: Vw İd- 2 all)

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