VW ID.2all Concept.

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The new ID.2all Concept is basically a next-generation Golf EV, that will probably be called ID.Golf in production from.

VW showed us a small really cool concept called the ID. Life a couple of years ago. It was really fun and original, which is what probably killed it since VW later announced they would go into a new design direction for their smaller future EV. That new direction turned out to be this new ID. 2all, which basically looks like an electric Golf.

And of course, it’s never as good as the original Giugiaro design first-generation Golf from 1974. The new concept looks OK, but a little clumsy at the same time. (especially the rear end). Inside it looks a lot like what Tesla would do. Quality seems better than the ID.3 and even ID.4. And there are really neat party tricks like the folding flat passenger seat. Not something new (The PT Cruiser had one) but always a welcome and super practical feature. ) And that huge cargo space under the truck looks even bigger than the one in Tesla models.

The production version of the ID 2all Concept is supposed to come out in a couple of years and will do battle with the upcoming compact car from Tesla. The VW will start at around 25 000 Euros in Europe, which will be around the same as the future Tesla.

The new concept is a bit shorter than a Golf while being as roomy inside. It is obviously designed to help current Golf owners to an easy transition to an electric car. I just wished it looked more modern. So far it looks like a Gof from a few years ago.

With 223HP from a single electric morrot, the Comcept is almost as quick as the current GTI. And the range is expected to be around 280 miles in the European cycle.

While VW has not announced US sales for the new model, they are already working on an even smaller EV. One that will cost even less starting at around 20 000 Euros.

It looks like with these new models, they will already have the Golf, Polo, and Passat (ID.7) basically replaced by EVs.

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  1. It looks more like an e-Polo than an electric Golf. Neat enough, but very generically Volkswagen. In two years time it may already look out of date.

  2. A recent article from Auto, Motor & Sport confirmed that it won’t be called ID. Golf and is not intended as a replacement for the Golf. The ID. Golf will be a separate model after the Golf is discontinued in 2027.

    “Als ID. Golf soll, so haben es interne Quellen der “Autocar” berichtet, das bisher als ID.2 bezeichnete Modell infrage kommen. Gegenüber auto-motor-und-sport.de gibt es dafür jedoch ein klares Dementi von VW. “Das passt vom Timing her überhaupt nicht”, heißt es aus Wolfsburg. Der ID.2 kommt 2025 auf den Markt, zum ID. Golf sei man noch einer Abstimmungsphase. Vermutlich wird der ID. Golf den Golf 8 erst gegen Ende des Jahrzehnts beerben.”


  3. Glad to see some simple physical additions to the ID platform, 4 window switches, a volume roller, heated seats button and a temp toggle. I would say much better than the current capacitive touch on the current VW/ID head units. Doubt the ID2 will hit US since they aren’t going to manufacture them here but maybe this interface and update can roll out to the current lineup including the ID4.

  4. This looks Polo size. The ID Life was even smaller, like an Up! Replacement. I don’t think this looks “clumsy” and why bring up the “original” Golf, it’s 2023 let’s move on. Looks stylish, simple, classic and will age well. If indeed priced well I would buy it.

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