SAAB lives??

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Well… No Saab isn’t really alive. The old Zombie company is still dead, for now.

As we know, the Chinese company NEVS acquired Saab back in 2012. They immediately started working on an electric version of the Saab 9-3 and a next-generation sedan based on the Phoenix concept. After multiple claims of starting production, stopping production, starting again, a few concept designs, etc… NVES announced in 2026 they would no longer use the Saab name.

What seemed to be the final chapter came just a few weeks ago when NEVS announced they would be going into ” permanent Hibernation mode” in order to avoid bankruptcy by liquidating the company.

Now we find out NEVS was actually working on a really cool new EV, called the Emily GT project. Which looks a lot like what a model Saab EV would look like if Saab was still around. This makes a lot of sense since it was designed by former Saab designer Simon Padian. Apparently, the secret project had 350 people working on it.

Who knows if anything will ever happen with the Emily GT project? It seems too late for NEVS to rise again from that permanent hibernation mode. Although the project itself you be a very cool way to actually restart the Saab brand in China. MG is now owned by SAIC. Volvo by Geely. Why not Saab? Since there is already what could be the first model of a new lineup, and NEVS also started work on an SUV prototype.

Why not…

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  1. It IS interesting to see what a current day SAAB would look like. Another Zombie for another day….

  2. Saab made the best convertible out there. My 2006 93 aero convertible looks and drives like it came from the showroom. Required normal maintenance and a few tweaks at $75,000 miles. It’s pitiful Saab was so underated. I love my metallic yellow green convertible!! Fortunate to have a mechanic in Boonton, N. J. who services only Saabs.

  3. If you know anything about a saab, they screwed them selves with the engine and exhaust design. This sick design destroyed the cars engine.

  4. When I was a little boy Back in the seventies at the eighties The saab Was the most Expensive car Only people could afford those cars was lawyers and doctors They was up there with the benz and BMW they had best model car out Safety Issues You can buy most of the saab car day are still around have Issues Not the motor The mechanics Cannot read relays that’s why they’re in the junk yard

  5. If they do bring Saab back from the dead tell the people why they should buy saab do they make better seat that could Last longer your making better motors wil paint job last on the car your have Let’s car issues.

  6. I have a 2001 Sabb covertable. Unlike most other covertables of it’s day, It was not a chop top, but was built from a frame designed for a covertable for better handling and a better ride. I am the original owner and I love it!

  7. I love my Saab & would buy another in a heartbeat!! My 06 93 runs great! Almost 113,000 miles now & purrs like a kitten. Seriously one of the best cars out there, great on gas & with turbo it runs like a V6 when u need it! Def so sad no takers to continue this wonderful heritage of car manufacturing! Cannot even find stick shifts anymore! Like come on!!! Why are people satisfied with driving any sports car & not shifting their own gears? Totally not impressed one bit when I see a nice car & find out it’s an automatic….like yeah that’s fun 🙁

  8. I adore my Saab 9-3 2.0T It really is one of the best cars I’ve ever had!!!!!

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