VW ID.NEXT Concept.

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At the same time they unveiled the production version of the new ID.7 sedan, VW is showing a new concept called the “ID.NEXT”.

At first, it seemed to be the ID.NEXT was a smaller sedan, more like a Jetta. While the new ID.7 will basically replace the larger and quite expensive Artheon. Upon further examination (basically comparing ID.7 to ID.NEXT) both cars seem very similar. The new concept foes have a very nice simpler front-end design, and the rear quarters have been redesigned as well, but it doesn’t appear to be smaller than the ID.7 at all.

VW has been offering many different versions of similar models in China for decades. Which is probably what it is, just a slightly redesigned version of the ID.7 instead of an all-new model. Which is too bad. It would have been really nice to see an electric successor to the current Jetta. We all know it’s coming. It looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what it’ll look like…

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  1. Assuming it’s the same size as the ID.7 (Which it appears to be), that means around 195 inches. Or about 15 inches longer than the ID.4. And 4 inches longer than the Arteon.

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