2024 Cadillac CT6.

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These are better/newer photos of the all-new 2nd generation Cadillac CT6 for the Chinese market.

Just to recap, this will not be sold in North America. As it is strictly a Chinese market product. Basically a complete redesign on top of the previous generation platform. It now only comes with a 2.0 Liter engine and 10-speed auto. There is no mention of AWD either.

This new CT6, GT4 as well as the revised 2024 XT4 are the result of a high push into the Chinese market for Cadillac. “This is a historic moment for Cadillac’s development in China as we progressively expand and upgrade our portfolio to meet the increasingly diverse market needs.” While were are getting the revised XT4 in the US, the other two will stay in China.

Cadillac is scheduled to unveil 3 new EVs for the North American market later this year.

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  1. Looks great except for that Impala-esque rear 3/4 window which detracts from an otherwise beautiful exterior. Nice interior too!

  2. simply the best, gm has made a gorgeous looking vehicle, full of luxury and style, better than those SUVs sports utility vans that handle like bar stools and ride like druncken elephants, sorry, should not put elephants down, at least they have some aero-dynamic styling being so rounded, not square shape like SUVs.

  3. Will. “MADE IN CHIMA” be stamped on the vehicle.. don’t think yhay will help sell GM products in US. Agree its sail panel too Impalish and generic

  4. Since it’s “made in China” I’m sure it will be mentioned somewhere on the car. I’m also sure it won’t matter at all since the car will never be sold in the US (As mentioned in the article)

  5. Beautiful car ! Why can’t the US – world market have this Cadillac?
    Shame on you GM !
    Why do you sell the less popular CT – 4 & 5 , in terms of what Cadillac buyers like , and not this BIG Cadillac ?
    I love EVERYTHING, except the addition of the horizontal light additions, ( on all Cadillacs now ) , which diminish the famous ” blades ” , or fin effect , legendary on Cadillac.
    If you have to import a few from China , try it ; we buy everything else from there !
    Aplenty if people would buy it .
    I LOVE it . I WILL NEVER buy an SUV or Crossovers or ANY of my friends exclusively own one !

  6. Cadillac CT6 Is our interest. We live in the USA, it would be great to bring that model back for sale. We are not interested in the EV but it the price is right maybe. We tested the CT6 in red and fully loaded. This car was awesome roads smoothly, and had all the bells and whistles. This is what you’re showing presently in this advertisement.

  7. Shame on Cadillac. I own a CT 6 which I love. Looks like it will be my last Cadillac (I have owned 12). Unless you build something like this again in the US.
    I guess I will be buying a Mercedes or Genesis next!

  8. Why won’t it be sold here? SMH . When GM first revealed the concept model of this same car people were flocking to see if they could buy this model. As usual the consumer’s here in the good old USA were told NO!! Now here we are a few concept cars later and here is the very car that they GM/Cadillac said it will never build. There should be something written where it should be made available for people in the USA who would love to have the option to purchase. Why not … things that are made in China are sold in the USA every single day 24/7 365 days a year. I would love to have the option of purchasing one when the make it readily available for the US Market. They’re going to have to or lose money it is going to be in high demand in the US Market so GM/Cadillac are you going to make it happen or continuously fumble the ball 🏈 again?

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