2024 Fiat 600.

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The all-new Fiat 600 was caught during a photo shoot, just like the new Mini a few weeks ago.

The new basically looks like a longer 4-door version of the new 500EV. But it’s actually a different car that has more in common with the new Jeep Avenger since it is based on the same platform, also used by other Stelantis models from Open and Peugeot. Which means ICE and EV versions will be offered.

It also means we probably;y won’t be seeing it in the US, and it’s not really a replacement for our aging 500X. (That will come a bit later)

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  1. I get the feeling that Stellantis isn’t planning for FIAT to exist in the future US market. Its down to the 300, Alfa Romeo isn’t doing well, and the Italo-centric leadership is gone.

  2. I have a warm spot for Fiat since my first 2 cars were a 1974 128 and a 1977 Mirarfiori. The 500 has iconic looks but is 3″ narrower and 4″ shorter the a Mini. The Mini grew a foot since then and the 500 stayed the same size. I think it needed to grow a foot longer, 4″ wider with a longer wheelbase to fit rear door for better ingress, while keeping the same look. I think the electric 500 would have a better time succeeding in the US with a more usable footprint

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