Volvo EX30 video

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This is Volvo’sofficial video for the all-new 2024 EX30 EV.

You can discover the newest member of the Volvo family in detail, inside and out, in the comfort of your own home! It is really interesting to see the different colors and interior themes.

What an interesting car that will start at just $35 000 in the US. Which will undercut most of its competition from Hyundai9, Kia, and others. Although it all depends on what actually comes for $35 000. Are the cool glass roof and soundbar expensive options?

What will come standard in the US will be RWD with 275 miles of range. Let’s hope Volvo/Polestar jumps on the current bandwagon and adopts Tesla’s NACS charging format instead of the CSS. As of now, with GM and Ford joining the Tesla charging system, over 70% of EVs in the US will be using NACS soon. (probably over 80% by next year).

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