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Mazda has just announced the next generation Miata will be “electrified” for 2026.

That doesn’t mean it will be an EV. It probably means a good old fashion Hybrid or a PHEV. Mazda is very, very late in the EV game and I really don’t think they have the technology available to come up with a full Miata EV for a 2026 model. (which means the car would come out in 2025.)

They do offer the new CX-90 as a PHEV in the US, so they do know how to make that. The Miata is a light sporty car, and a PHEV would require a pretty large battery and an electric motor on top of the ICE one, which would add a lot of weight.

They’ve announced a deal with Envision AESC for the Miata batteries. Their plan is to have everything electrified by 2030 (not all EVs obviously), meaning a new Miata coming out in 2025 would have to be at least a Hybrid.

Of course, by 2026, there will be many, many EVs to choose from. A Hybrid Miata will definitely seem old-tech, which might actually be OK and fit the car’s personality. But within a few years, it might just seem old. By 2030, most people will be buying EVs, and there will be fewer gas stations around due to a much lower demand for gas which will push prices up to levels we cannot really imagine today. And ICE car bans will be just a few years away in most places.

No matter what, Mazda needs to be thinking of a Miata EV sooner than later.

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  1. A hybrid Miata sounds fine. If they where smart, they would match a rotary engine (low torque, compact size, light weight) with an electric motor (high torque) and batteries (large space, heavy weight). Doesn’t need to be a massive (and expensive) battery pack because the rotary engine could give you the range you need. The electric motor would essentially act like a turbo – giving a small rotary the oomph people expect from a sportscar.

  2. I’m betting this will use the MHEV electric motor and 8 speed auto box that is in the CX60 and 90. Either the existing 2L or maybe a new 2.2L based on the 3.3L I6. Whether or not there’s a manual is the big question here.

  3. “Their plan is to have everything electrified by 2023.” They better hurry up then, lol.

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