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That was quick. We saw the Kia EV5 concept last March and today we already have uncovered leaks of the production model.

As you can see, the real thing seems to look exactly the same, which is great news. The EV5 concept, while obviously inspired by the EV9, looked a lot more mature and cleaner.

As its name indicates, the EV5 will be smaller and less expensive than the EV6. The EV6 is only a couple of inches longer than the Ioniq 5, and the EV5 would be even shorter than the Hyundai. As far as pricing, the EV6 currently starts at $42 600 in the US, which means the smaller EV4 could start at under $40 000, competing directly against the VW ID.4. But also with the upcoming Chevrolet Equinox EV.

While the white prototype in the photos looks a bit bland, it is the exact same design as the concept and will probably look fantastic in better colors. The EV9 has so far gotten a very good press and its design seems to be quite popular. A smaller and chapter model that, at least to me, looks even better can only be a sure hit for Kia. Let’s hope they can find a way to build this in the US and enjoy the full federal credits.

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  1. Pretty close but the only thing is why they made the lines for the hood opening so noticeable compared to the concept? Those lines appear sort of tacky and cheap looking. It wouldn’t be so obvious If the port for charging was at the back instead. Or had the lines thinner.

  2. I really have to give it to Kia. Their designs might not be sexy or beautiful, but they are definitely different and look very futuristic – like you are driving a concept car. I don’t think any other car company is bold enough to release cars that are styled quite like this.

    They aren’t exactly my cup-of-tea, in part because I think bleeding-edge designs typically don’t age well, but I can appreciate the risks they are willing to take. Hyundai as well. While Kia is going for the futuristic look, Hyundai is going for a retro-futuristic look with its EVs. The fact that both brands are sharing 90% of their mechanical and electronic components and yet the vehicles look so different is impressive.

  3. Looks pretty much like the design has transferred completely intact from the concept. However, I kind of like what Hyundai is doing with the design of it’s model lineup more. Every model seems to go a different design direction, as opposed to Kia’s cookie cutter designs. At least in the EV9 and EV5’s case.

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