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For over 3 years, GM has been teasing us with future EVs. The second photo shows one of the earliest presentations for the new Ultium platform, showing quite a few of these future models, under wrap. It’s obvious some of these are not SUVs. The 3rd one from the left even looks a lot like a coupe. Or at least a sleek 4 sporty 4 door.

We have also heard rumors of a next-generation electric Chevrolet Camaro. There has been talk of more than one model of these new Camaros, like a sedan or SUV.

Today we have a photo of a clay model that looks like someone is thinking of a 4 door version of the Camaro. It could still be very early in the process, or not. Who knows. At least it looks much better than the Werdo shape from the 3rd photo.

Either way, it seems a good-looking GM EV could be coming soon, and it’s not an SUV.

Here are recent illustrations of possible future Cmaros as sedans, convertibles, SUVs, and wagons.

I actually like the wagon a lot…

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  1. Chevy has a million names to draw from. It is beyond silly to call any of these a Camaro. Bring back the Impala name or continue to use Malibu. Some of these designs actually look great (that wagon especially), but leave the Camaro name to sporty coupes and convertibles.

    Buick needs their own “halo” car and the Buick Wildcat EV coupe concept should be put into production sharing many components with some future Camaro EV.

  2. For the love of God, GM… dont do a Corvette line and a Camara line, and a Escalade line. Toyota’s Crown line is going to fail and so will yours. If GM wants to do something, expand their ONE SEDAN (Malibu) with a redesign and have multiple forms. A sedan, a wagon, a raised wagon, or whatever. Maybe the Camara could essentially be the Malibu coupe. Just make the entire line that good. PS. GM also needs hybrids in the Chevy and Buick lines. Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota hybrids are stealing their lunch money.

  3. Muscle car sales have been slowly on a decline for over a decade. It has sales bumps here and there but overall, it’s a dying segment.
    The fact that GM had opted not to invest into a redesigned Camaro is definitely an indication that they weren’t expecting a significant return on investment.
    Using the Camaro name for a sport sedan makes sense as it holds more water than Malibu or Chevelle for a vast majority of buyers and in the event that sport coupes become insanely popular again, they can just bring the body style back.

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