Mazda Iconic SP Concept

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A.K.A the next Miata (hopefully…)

The new Iconic SP Concept is a stunning modern interpretation of the Mazda Miata. This is exactly what Mazda needs to bring the Miata into the EV age. Although it’s not a pure EV. It uses a small 2-rotor engine to charge the battery, but the rotaty isn’t actually driving the car. Mazda calles this system R-EV.

Apparently, the car can also be charged like an EV. This sounds a lot like the Chevrolet Volt, with a rotary engine.

The concept is not as small and light as the curent Miata. As it is almost a foot longer and 800 pounds heavier. Something like this would feel very diferent to drive than a Miata. Although it also produces 365HP, while the current Miata is rated at 181HP.

Let’s hope this is a close preview of the next Miata. Although it would be strange for Mazda not to offer it as a convertible.

This is actually great news. Somethinglike this in a year of two would be fantastic.

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  1. I wonder if they will take a page out of the Mercedes AMG SL/GT playbook and market the coupe as a more hardcore RX9 and a stripped down convertible version as the MX5?

  2. It’s got rotaries and obvious nods to RX7. Mazda even said so. Lower, wider that longer than an MX5

  3. I see a LOT of C3 Corvette in this design. Really dig it. That 365 HP figure seems perfect for a modern day RX-7 to go up against the 400 HP Z and 382 HP of the i6 Supra. Make a smaller version with a less complicated powertrain be the Miata convertible.

  4. Those almost look like pop-up headlights. I know they’re not exactly aerodynamic, but they sure led to a lot of great automotive art in the 80’s. I love them.

  5. Seems more like a next generation RX-7. But I’m a little tired of hearing about new unique Mazda engines that never end up getting into production…

  6. This is definitely my favorite “concept,” of the show. Quite simply amazing from every angle. Definitely not the next MX-5/Miata though. It’s not a convertible. My guess is, if they end up producing it, it will definitely come with an RX moniker. I really hope this one comes to fruition.

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