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This is quite a puzzler…

Just a few days ago, Toyota released a teaser of what most of us thought was the new 2025 Toyota Camry. It even had the exact same mirrors as the current Camry.

Now this. Which is not a sedan. Here is Toyota’s official word about the new teaser:

” With All-Wheel Drive, this hybrid electric mid-size SUV goes ๐™—๐™š๐™ฎ๐™ค๐™ฃ๐™™ whatโ€™s expected. C u โ€ฆ soon.

As you can see from the images above, the US teaser looks a lot like the new “Crown Estate” wagon. That would mean the wagon is coming to the US soon. Another strange move from Toyota, unless it ends up replacing the Toyota Highlander, right below the new Grand Highlander.

Rav-4, Venza, Haighlander, Grand Highlander. And now another one? Will they be selling it as a wagon? It doesn’t look like one. Although they do market the Crown as an SUV, even though it’s a sedan with no hatch.

I mean, I think the “Crown Estate” looks much nicer than the Highlander or Grand Highlander, but why?

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  1. I’d be shocked if this didn’t replace the Venza as the top 2-row Hybrid SUV in the Toyota line up. There have been no rumors about the Venza bieng updated/refreshed, so it makes perfect sense. Also, it seems the Crown Estate may be based on the same platform as the Lexus RX350 (GA-K), since they are both around 193 inches long.

  2. This looks like it could split the difference between the Highlander and the Venza and could supersede both.

  3. You can make all the renovations you want with that when you go to the dealers, they have no cars to sell. They need to have more variety. Other, manufacturers seem to have a lot more inventory.

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